Frequently Asked Questions

Do I have to print my ticket?

No. Since we organize a sustainable symposium, we would like to minimize paper use.

Can I change parallel session?

Both parallel sessions have a maximum capacity to ensure equal distribution of visitors. It is currently still possible to change session. If you would like to do this, please contact us.

How does the symposium actively contribute to sustainability?

We took several measures to reduce our environmental impact. As an example, our promotion material (flyers, posters and pens) is made from recycled materials (which was possible due to a contribution by the StuD fund), lunch will be vegetarian and vegan only, and we will not hand out goodie bags or plastic bottles.

Do I have to bring my own food?

No, you will not have to bring your own food. Lunch is included in your ticket. For sustainability reasons, all lunch will be vegetarian, and there will be several vegan options as well. If you have additional diet wishes or allergies, you can let us know through the registration form! We do advise you to bring your own water bottle, as we will not provide plastic bottles.