We are busy with transferring the entire programme to the November 17th 2020. Several speakers have already committed to be present. In case speakers are unavailable, we will search for suitable replacement.

08:30 Doors open  
09:00 Official opening  
09:30 Mike Jetten TBA
10:10 Lars Blank Plastic waste to plastic value – novel polymer recycling
10:40 Break  
11:00 Maria Barbosa The role of microalgal biotechnology in a circular economy
11:40 René Rozendal

Industrial Resource recovery through mixed culture biotechnology

12:20 Lunch  
13:20 Hans Aerts Recycling in the human cell Theater de Veste
  Dennis Claessen Transmission of antimicrobial resistance genes and engineered DNA from transgenic biosystems in nature Pathé
13:55 Robbert Binneveld Open mixed culture fermentations for industrial production of biochemicals from organic waste and residues Theater de Veste
  Yuemei Lin Extracellular biomaterial from waste sludge: recovery and application Pathé
14:30 Break  
15:00 Lisbeth Olsson TBA
15:40 Ton van Maris Engineering yeast and Clostridium thermocellum for alcoholic fermentation of agricultural residues: a tale of two specialists
16:20 Jennifer Holmgren Becoming CarbonSmart – How innovation and ancient biology enables us to convert waste carbon emissions from a liability into an opportunity
17:00 Drinks